Make a Wish Foundation

The mission of the Make A Wish Foundation is to grant wishes for children between 3-17 years of age who have a life-threatening medical condition. Thier goal is to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. IGL Financial and The Chambers Plan have teamed up to donate to the Make a Wish Foundation for every group plan sold.

Kate’s picture perfect photography wish

17-year-old Kate has numerous interests, ranging from dance to the Vancouver Canucks, but her real passion is photography.  She may have cystic fibrosis, but she doesn’t let that stand in the way of her dream career.  Kate’s wish was for new photography equipment including a Canon camera so she could set up her very own studio at home.

The celebration started off when a local gentleman known as “Larry the Cake Guy” turned up at Kate’s house in Abbotsford, with a gorgeous cake in the shape of a Canon camera.  Kate loved it, and it tasted just as good as it looked.  That evening, with her family watching, Kate eagerly unwrapped a stack of brightly wrapped packages to reveal her wish list – lenses, flashes, a memory card, a power pack, stands, a transceiver/relay to remotely trigger a camera, and more.  And of course who can forget the piece de resistance – a gorgeous Canon 5D Mark II camera.

Next, Kate received an offer from local Abbotsford area pro photographers Jason and Darcie Brown from Revival Arts Studio, to take her on her own professional shoot once she had some time to get used to her brand new camera!  Jason had come to Kate’s wish presentation and got to see her face light up with glee when she found out she would be photographing a real model on a professional fashion shoot, hair and make-up services included.  Darcie and Jason are no strangers to the power of a wish – when Darcie’s brother was a teenager like Kate, he had his wish granted for a laptop computer.  Jason is so dedicated; he didn’t even let the birth of their new baby that same morning prevent him from showing up at Kate’s celebration!  Kate is so excited to spend a day learning from this dynamic duo.

No wish is complete without a few additional surprises.  Kate had mentioned to her wish grantor that one photographer’s style she found most inspirational was Matthew Keoni, a young man from Red Deer, Alberta.  Kate especially admired Matthew’s portrait photography, as well as a series of photographs Matthew had taken featuring a “danbo” robot doll in a variety of settings.  Needless to say, Kate was stunned when she received an offer from Matthew himself to come visit her in British Columbia and take her portrait.  He also suggested Kate try out her new camera with him on a special “danbo” photo shoot!  Kate is looking forward to meeting her inspiration and working with him for a day when he comes to BC to visit her!

With brand-new top-of-the-line equipment and her new mentors, Kate is well on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a professional photographer!  Thanks to Jason and Darcie from Revival Arts Studio (and congrats on the new edition!), Larry The Cake Guy, Matthew Keoni, and of course Gentec Canada for teaming together to help Kate achieve her dream.  When Kate’s wish grantor asked where her new camera would be sleeping that night, Kate dreamily replied, “Beside me….”

Kate’s wish was proudly supported by proceeds from the Blenz Coffee holiday promotion.