Maximum Benefit

Finding a benefit plan approach that works can be tough, especially with health care costs continuing to escalate year after year. Employers are looking for plans that can provide them with protection and service, while giving them flexibility and cost control.

Maximum Benefit gives companies a new way of thinking how to structure a plan that meets the employees’ and company’s needs, by giving you all the security of a fully insured plan, the cost control advantages of a self-funded program, and the benefits of using a third party administrator.

A Maximum benefit program can provide employers:

  • Cost Control,
  • Improved Cash Flow,
  • Plan Flexibility, and
  • Reporting that allows employers to manage and control costs of their employee benefit plan.

Find out how Maximum Benefit can put you in control of your employee benefit program:

Dan Roberge of IGL Financial has been our Chamber of Commerce Group Benefits representative for the past six years. Dan has presented the different benefit options in a way that was clear and understandable. We would like to express our thanks for his wonderful service. We would recommend this agency to anyone who was looking for professional and customer friendly financial advice.

Gordon Mitten

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