Group RRSPs

Did you know that three-quarters of Canadian employers are having difficulty attracting and retaining new employees? What are you doing to stay competitive?

Have you considered a group retirement plan?

After base salary and health benefits, a group retirement plan is perceived to be the most valuable benefit you can provide. It can help you attract and retain valuable employees, and offers one of the best tax-sheltering opportunities available to businesses.

We can help!

Establishing a group retirement plan is easier than you may think. As your plan advisor, I’m here to guide you through the process and help you:

  • Design a plan that effectively meets the needs of your company and employees.
  • Select investment options that complement the unique characteristics of your employees.
  • Build a communication strategy to introduce the plan and communicate the benefits of plan participation.
  • Instil confidence in your plan members by offering them access to investment advice.

In a recent study, nearly two thirds of Canadian employees said they would probably not accept a job from a company without a group retirement plan. And almost half said they would consider leaving their current employer if another company offered the same salary with a better plan. In today’s competitive market, you can’t afford not to have a group retirement plan.

Think your company’s too small? A group retirement plan is too expensive? Think again. We’ve helped employers of all sizes establish affordable group retirement plans for their employees.